True Custom Concrete has been owned and operating right here in East Texas for years by George and Hannah Truesdale.  They developed an interest in concrete flooring when they had their first home built and the builder asked them if they wanted their floors stained and scored.  Having two little kids at the time, they thought it sounded like a great alternative to carpet or tile.  The biggest seller was . . . no stains.  After living on the floors and experiencing them first hand, they decided this was a business that they would like to be in.

The Team

George Truesdale

George has a bachelors in business with a focus in finance from the University North Texas and a Masters in business administration from Texas A&M (Commerce).   He has trained with some of the best decorative concrete artist in the United States.  He personally has trained in Florida, Colorado, and Texas with elite-crete systems, engrave-a-crete systems, kemiko systems, V8 high performance floor systems and has recently trained with the Concrete Countertop Institute.  With hundreds of projects under his belt, he is very knowledgeable

Hannah Truesdale

Hannah has a bachelors in Social Work from the University of North Texas and is a loving mother to two children, one still at home and one grown and out on his own.   While in the beginning she was on every job, she has now transitioned to running the paperwork side of the business. She is a "pro" at small business taxes and keeping up with employees.  She loves to look at all of the jobs, jump in when needed, and keep George in line!

Josh Truesdale

Josh is the "brother Truesdale".  Josh has an amazing fun spirit and is loved by everyone.  Fun fact, he grew up living in Colorado, Illionois, Tenessee, Puerto Rico, and Japan!  He loves playing all sports and likes to stay busy and involved in his church.  He decided to come work for us and we are so happy to have him.

At True Custom Concrete, we believe that if you buy the right products, hire right employees, and provide professional and excellent customer service, your customers will be happy.  By following that plan on each job, we can ensure that each of our customers ends up with a floor that they will be proud to show their family, friends and neighbors; a True Custom Floor!

Our entire team is made up of people that want the customer to be happy.  If you have any questions about anything that they are doing while on the job site, please feel free to stop them and ask.  You will find that they are extremely polite and courteous as well as extremely knowledgeable of the business.